Conveyancing Insights Training

Clarifying the process

Although many estate agents are familiar with the basic concepts of conveyancing, it is clear that those with a deeper understanding of the issues involved have a significant advantage over those who do not.

That's why we offer 'Conveyancing Insights', a unique, on-site or online, informal discussion session designed to give agents a greater depth of knowledge and help gain credibility with both lawyers and their clients.

Key areas covered:

The discussions focus on issues that agents may not be aware of;

- Searches and how they affect the buying process

- What is involved in an exchange and why things can go wrong

- Draft contracts and management packs

- Common issues faced by lawyers and agents throughout the transaction

These sessions are highly effective for those new to agency as well as more experienced agents who are not always aware of recent changes to the conveyancing process, making them uniquely enlightening for everyone, irrespective of expertise.

We know that an agent's time is precious, so the sessions are kept to about an hour and held at the agent's offices or online via Teams or Zoom. We approach these as part of our commitment to our referrers and provide them free of charge.

These Insights Discussions are invaluable to all agents, from highly experienced to those new to the industry. To book, please complete the form and we'll be in touch.

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